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Record series
Record Kendama N1 specials:

Evolutionary Rec Shape

Purest and most honest Record Kendama

Further developments (Recroll, Recpaint, Raw Materials)

Available in beech or maple wood

Premium product packaging

Original KE product performance and quality
Kendama overlay
Record Kendama
Record Kendama N1 series Natty
Catch the flow!
The Kendama Evolution
The Record Kendama is an innovation in the Kendama world and the result of a technical evolution in matters of shape and balance. Sharing our experience in matters of balance and control of more than 10 years in the balance Business with experts in technical engineering, did allow us to develop a High End Product. The result is a Kendama Masterpiece that has reached the perfect flying, balance and playing characteristics. Further developments like Recroll (Microbearings) Recpaint and only the highest quality raw materials can be found in all Record Kendamas. The product design itself has not only been created to look fresh and nice, but also to enforce your gameplay best possible. Straight lines and a spot point will allow you optimum tama tracking.
The Record Kendama has been developed for you to
Catch the Flow!
The N1 Story
N1 stands for natural or also called nattys. Those Kens are the most pur and honest Kendamas that you can get. Unlike other Record series, the nattys are made without any additional design or woodtypes which could distract from their original character. If you want to figure out the Records roots, you are already very very close. Available 100% raw or with a clear Recpaint tama surface.
Record Kendama N1 Beech Natty
Record Kendama N1 Beech Natty
Record Kendama N1 Beech Natty Recpaint
Record Kendama N1 Maple Natty
Record Kendama N1 Maple Natty
Record Kendama N1 Maple Natty Recpaint
Record Kendama N1 Series Packaging
Technical data
All technical details about the RECORD KENDAMA N1 are displayed below.

The RECORD KENDAMA N1 fully complies with the European Toy Standards.
Certifications Key Data Warning!
CE conformity tested and certified by the TÜV Süd.
EN 71-1:2011/A2: 2013
EN 71-2:2011
EN 71-3:2013
Height: 185 mm
Width: 70 mm
Diameter: 60 mm
String length: 400 mm
Weight ball: ca. 75 g
Weight handle: ca. 75 g
Weight total (included packaging): ca. 200 g
The Kendama should not be used by children under the age of 7.
Not suitable for children <36 month.
Long cord & small parts, strangulation and chocking hazard.
Toy contains a small Ball.
The packaging includes an flow book inclusive illustrated instruction with trick and safety instructions as well as a Fix Gear Set, many stickers and a mounting tool.

Nicolas Schopfer
Nicolas Schopfer
5th Dan expert, European Champion 2011,
Japan Gold Medal Winner
Very nice balanced, the best Kendama brand outside Japan!